Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We used Thanksgiving as an opportunity to take our annual Christmas card picture, so here's a preview:
I know some people really think these things out and buy matching clothes in advance, but we were fifteen minutes late getting to the in-laws because I was rummaging around the house looking for things that might possibly coordinate. I can't believe Brandon ended up in that shirt he has had since medical school, but hey, the picture turned out better than I thought considering how little preparation went into it. Someday I hope to have a Christmas card that features all of us standing in front of a glowing sunset on the beach with leis around our tan bodies, but until that day comes I will settle for scrambling before Thanksgiving dinner.

I wasn't very deliberate in my picture taking and left out a good chunk of people, but here are some of the pictures nonetheless:

The neighbors sported an inflatable turkey. Sweet.

We had somewhere between 25-30 people for dinner at my in-laws' house. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the kids table this year!

Elizabeth and Rachael pretty much ate dessert with their fingers, dessert being whipped cream. And frosting. I remember someone asking me what happened to the frosting on the delectable Swedish tea ring my mother in law always makes and one look told me all I needed to know.
A fork! Maybe she will eat like a civilized person someday!

I know there was a football game on briefly, but it looks like video games won out in the long run.
A few of the guys: my bro in laws Trenton and Brent, cousin Chris and his son Britain.
I love this picture of Great Grandpa sleeping after dinner - it's so Thanksgiving! The cute girls are the two Elizabeth's of the day. "Biz" is my sister in law's sister, fresh home from a mission in New Zealand, and that other cutie is my Liz. Biz and Liz.
Laura with her two visiting sisters: Mara and Biz. They were so much fun! I wish I had more time to talk to all of them!

Someone always ends up in a tussle over this wig from the dress up trunk. Beckham looks pretty pleased to be the one with it on.
Elizabeth is positively NUTS for Great Grandma Petersen! She could hardly leave her alone. They were visiting from Arizona. When we had them over for haystacks and Zooleretto on Tuesday night, Elizabeth sat on Grandma's lap as much as possible.
Linda is almost always at our family gatherings for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, so we will miss her when she moves to St. George on Monday.
Lani, Kathleen Lani, and Kathleen. (Is anyone else tired of Kate's blue BYU sweatshirt? She lives in that thing!)
Brandon and Grandpa. He was nice enough to spend a good half hour the day before with Kate's best friend, telling her stories from when he flew with the Navy during WWII. (She is a big plane and WWII buff.) Will is currently making a clothespin doll of Grandpa in his Navy uniform for a school project. Pictures to follow.
We had some pretty good blessings on the tree this year including scabs and platelets, Netflix, and the sense of smell.


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