Saturday, November 21, 2009

Singular Moments

There are so many zany, singular moments that encapsulate motherhood so perfectly I wish I could capture each one and make a little book - it would be so darn funny. Moments from the last couple weeks that come to mind:

Standing next to naked in my bathroom at 7:30am applying toner to my face while talking on the phone to my children's piano teacher.

Getting a pinch in the behind from my 2 year old while she squeals "ouch" and then laughs while saying "sorry".

Dropping the early birds off to school in my pajamas while listening to Sesame Street Platinum.

Waking up disoriented, realizing I fell asleep in my daughter's bed and slept there all night!

Getting a classroom of kindergartners to lie on their backs with their eyes closed and listen to Aaron Copeland's 'Appalachian Suite'. (And scaring them to death with the following 'Fanfare for the Common Man!')

Indulging my kids with homemade waffles and boysenberry syrup on a Saturday morning at 10am.

Going through the checkout at Target with diapers and training bras in my cart.

Lying on the floor - barely conscious - while two or more children use me as a personal beanbag/trampoline.

Playing basketball with my son while my two younger daughters go at my legs with their little plastic bikes.

Watching my two year old scrub the heck out of a table top at Jack in the Box with Wet Ones, her entire body crawling all over the table.

Finding a binky and little toy kitty in my purse while at dinner with my husband.

Having a family dance party in the kitchen while cleaning up together. (Numa Numa!)

Sitting on the bed with one child crying over homework, at the piano with another crying over a difficult song, on the floor of a bedroom with another crying over being left out and at the kitchen table with another crying about wearing a bib. So much crying!

Motherhood really is funny if you think about it.

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  1. You are so funny! I love to read your posts and get a glimpse of your life. Motherhood is very, very funny. 'Tis true. :)


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