Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Settling In

 Little by little, we're getting settled. I'm still un-showered and in my workout clothes after spending the morning working on the basement. (Camping gear, holiday decorations, childhood pictures and memorabilia, winter gear, emergency supplies and food storage ((Mormons are hoarders if you haven't heard--you'll want to be friends with one if catastrophe strikes)), exercise equipment, stuff from Japan, Brent's dorm room stuff, other randomness . . . ugh!) Yesterday was the kitchen office space and calling various businesses to get our address updated. Sunday was the playroom. Saturday we spent the majority of the day organizing the garage. 

Somehow knowing this home is our permanent abode makes everything so much easier compared to the other times we've moved. Knowing I will actually be here long enough to eventually get everything set up like I would like to makes the whole process more energizing than exhausting. I love that! But after years of living in 50's era box homes and then refusing to buy any new stuff for our larger, newer rental home of the last two years (knowing it wasn't permanent), it is obvious we have quite the shopping list for our new place. Fortunately for me, I've had a lot of practice putting things off, so there are a lot of things that will just have to wait. The house is gorgeous on it's own (and the views! THE VIEWS!), and I'm not a big fan of hyper decorating every nook and cranny anyway. My brain has enough stimulation, I can't handle knick knacks and things that need to be maintained around every corner. 

Today is also Pioneer Day, which is a state holiday in Utah, but since we still don't have a lot of traditions associated with the day off and have plenty to do as far as unpacking/organizing, we are celebrating the pioneers of Utah by doing what they did once they got here too: SETTLING IN! Plus, the kids are having their annual summer "movies and jammies day" they've been asking about for weeks. (Isn't that how those pioneer women got so much done?) They've done quite a bit of work over the past several weeks, and since sometimes it's easier to work alone (if you know what I mean), I don't mind giving them the day off from unpacking so I can have the day off from hounding them . . . 

Fun things I want to remember from the last little while:

1) Kate using the money she's earned to buy a bunch of canvases and art supplies so she can set up shop in the unfinished basement on a card table. I even told her she could paint on the cement floor all that she wants, so she's making good use of the space. 

2) Will exploring the little "forest" behind our house (we've got to come up with a name for it) with his friend Jacob and coming back with an old, busted computer tower that he spent quite a bit of time poring over after taking it apart. (Not quite sure what he plans to do with it . . .)

3) Elizabeth having two different friends from school that live on the other side of the circle that is our neighborhood. They've already had a few play dates and I just love knowing she has friends right here in our not so populated neighborhood. 

4) Will, Elizabeth, and Rachael playing "brothers" ALL DAY LONG yesterday. Will dressed Rachael up in his clothes early in the day, Elizabeth followed suit, and then they honestly spent HOURS pretending to be three brothers doing who knows what while I was on the phone making change of address calls and setting up the kitchen office. (Why can't I have a running video cam recording everything all the time? There are so many other things, but I just can't keep up with it all!) 

I have a slew of pictures that need posting, and now that we FINALLY have reliable internet I'm just going to start with the random pictures I took from the week of moving and go from there. I'll try to avoid too much narrating or it will take forever, and since life just keeps on marching by I want to get them up as soon as possible before I get too backed up again. (Anyone who has followed this blog knows I've tried--unsuccessfully--several times in the past to do big "catch ups" after going too long without posting. Typically, it's in the summertime. Who can keep up in the summer time?)

I know my mom is dying to see some pics, and some of the Reynolds family will probably also appreciate the pictures from the week we were together in Park City, so without further ado, I present the random, low quality iphone pictures I took during the week of moving:

After months of drinking them sparingly, we finished off the last of the gourmet root beers I got for Brandon for Christmas as quickly as we could without wasting them. (We didn't want to have to move a case of bottled root beer, you know?) Only one a day, and the last one went down on moving day. We've been recording our favorites so we can go back and buy them later, and topping the list is a root beer that has both anise and wintergreen oil in it--doesn't that sound yummy??? Here's Kate and Brandon finishing off the last one: 

We actually kept the bottles. They look cool enough we think we'd like to display them somehow. (This is how hoarding begins.) 
The day after the movers did the big stuff (and a lot of the smaller stuff) we moved everything else over by ourselves in small batches by car. Kate pooped out with Rachael at about 6pm:
At the end of that day (Wednesday) we took all the nasty little leftovers to Deseret Industries not realizing they didn't have a 24 hour drop off like the Goodwill in California. Oh, well! We figured they would know what to do with it in the morning, and if it got stolen in the night? All the better:
Meeting my parents, sister, and nephew at Zupas for lunch on their way back from the airport on Thursday:
Moving into the house on Friday:
That room they are going into screams Baby Grand, but the upright piano we bought years ago so I could teach piano lessons during medical school and residency will have to do for now:
Rachael and Elizabeth are still the only people in our family who have used our master tub. It looks awesome though, doesn't it?
Taking pictures of shower curtains at Target and texting them to Kate. Which one do you think she picked?
She gave me about three choices, so I went with this one:
Friday night back at the hotel, Kate and Will did lots of last minute practicing for the baptism in the morning: 

And that's it for the world's worst iphone pics that nonetheless remind me of an unforgettable week in our family's history! Baptism pics coming up next. (Hopefully later tonight. The kids have moved from Despicable Me on to Toy Story 3, but I need to do something about my pantry. Desperately hoping my aprons and bread maker are somewhere in there!!)

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